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A modded server based on minecraft 1.7.10


This modpack is focused on the Technical Mods IC2 experimental and Galacticraft, including the Planets addon.

You'll start with a basic set of tools so you don't have to bash trees with your hand. Using an axe, the treecapitator mod will help you cut down trees.

Tinkers Construct is included, but all recipes are removed except for the crafting station.

Ore generation is fixed (no duplicate ores) and finetuned to the use of both technical mods.

The only auto mining ability comes from the IC2 Miner. So exploration for ores is encouraged. Gravestone will make sure you don't lose all your precious items while exploring and Journeymap makes sure you'll find your way home. For those who want to stay home, we included the furniture and fairylights mods so you can make your house nice and cozy.

The NEI is neat and clean. Included scripts hide all useless items from NEI


  • Download the Technic Launcher
  • Start the launcher
  • Click Launcher Options
  • Set 'Java Settings' Memory to something higher than 1Gb
  • Select 'Modpacks'
  • Fill in the following in the search bar:
  • Install the modpack
  • Start the modpack
  • Go to 'Multiplayer', create a new server. Connect to our server using the following url:
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