Pokemon Go

We now maintain a LIVE Pokemon Go map of the Campus.
Check it out on http://mario.snt.utwente.nl:5000
Go Catch’em all!

NB: If it doesn’t update, the pokemon servers are down or you’ll need to wait a maximum of half an hour to let it reset it’s credentials.

Minecraft is Here!


Starting today we have 4 minecraft servers up and running on our new server! All the information you need can be found on the wiki If you don’t like modifications and want to play default minecraft with your friends online, connect to the following server: minecraft.snt.utwente.nl:25568

SNT Vanilla Live Banner

Crafting Dead
If you like survival and thrilling action, install The Crafting Dead for some extreme survival in a post apocalyptic world based on The Walking Dead series. Crafting Dead Live Banner

SNT Minecraft
You love mods? Try our SNT Minecraft server. This server has magic, machines, computers and some of our very own SNT NPC’s. SNT Minecraft Live Banner

Finally on special request there is the VBCraft server. This server has mods like IC2 and Buildcraft installed for some extreme modding fun! VBCraft Live Banner

(Dutch) Ingezonden tips over Nethack door SCS

Onderstaande tekst ontving ik in mijn mailbox. Het is geschreven door scs de speler die op onze server als enige is afgedaald tot demigod. Dus wellicht lukt het jou met deze tips ook!

1) Software

Om te beginnen, kies een goede telnet client. De standaard Microsoft Windows client is uitstekend bruikbaar maar mijn favoriet blijft PuTTY. Voor Mac OSX en Unix-achtigen werkt de SSH client of BSD telnet wat mij betreft het beste.

Ongeacht de client speel ik bij voorkeur op 80 columns, 24 rows, 38400 baud.

Zorg ervoor dat de toetsenbordaanslag en -snelheid comfortabel zijn ingesteld, want deze bepalen de speelsnelheid. Kies ook een prettig en duidelijk leesbaar terminal font; mijn favoriet is DejaVu Sans Mono. Ik heb mijn ANSI kleuren ook feller ingesteld in plaats van de standaard modderkleuren. Zie de bijgevoegde screenshot.

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Nethack – Feeling at home in the dungeons of doom

Hi there, welcome back!

This post continues the story of nethack. A difficult but intriguing game. If you want to learn how to play this brilliant game start of by reading the introduction newspost followed by the second newspost. We have a nethack server running for you, just use telnet to connect to nethack.snt.utwente.nl.

I hope you managed to reach the end of the gnomish mines. You will need to climb back up to the level where you branched off to the mines. You can use the _-key (travel) to quickly ascent. Just press the _-key, followed by the >-key. The cursor will move to the stairs in the level that go up. Use the .-key to select the stairs and your character will now quickly move to that location using the shortest path possible. Don’t worry about monsters, your character will stop when something interesting happens on the way. Make sure to keep an eye on your status, you might get hungry.


When you explore and search for usefull items you’ll soon find yourself collapsing under a load of treasure. It’s impossible to carry everything you might need with you all at once. So we need to create a place where we can drop items we don’t need for now, but we might need later on. These are called stashes. Very usefull to keep some extra armor or food locked in a safe place just in case something bad happens.
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Nethack – Descending the Gnomish Mines

Hi, welcome back!

Nethack is the ultimate game to learn if you are not afraid of a challenge. It can be very rewarding to learn at least the basics and discover you can make it quite far into this game. You will not forget the first time you reach minetown or medusa’s island. The game is full of surprises and you will find out that the dev-team thinks of everything.

Did you make it to dungeonlevel 5 yet? Try reading the introduction newspost about playing nethack first! This post I’m going to explain about BUC status, the blessed Excalibur, descending the gnomish mines and again some general tips to get you even further towards completing your quest.

This articles assumes you are a lawful human female valkyrie.

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Nethack – Start exploring the dungeons of Doom

Hi All,

I decided to let you in on a little secret. We host the game of nethack on one of our servers. It is a sophisticated game which is a lot of fun but quite hard to learn. In this article I’ll teach you the basics.

Try this:

  1. click start -> run and type cmd <enter> (or linux/mac users, open up a shell)
  2. type: telnet nethack.snt.utwente.nl <enter>

(windows 7 users will need a telnet program like putty)

Nice eh? You can create a new user and start playing right away! In the next months I’m going to elaborate some tips and tricks about the game. If you can’t wait for the next post and want to figure things out yourself I’d like to point you to the nethack wiki.

If you don’t know what to do, the most important key for you is the ?-key. It will show the in-game help.

Your first game

Choose your character

When you start a new game the game will ask your race, role, gender and alignment, for now choose the Valkyrie role (v), human race (h) and lawful alignment (l). You can’t choose a gender because Valkyries always start as female. Now you will receive your mission: Your god Tyr seeks to possess the Amulet of Yendor, you descent the dungeons of doom to find it. Sounds dangerous! And there you are! Where you ask? There -> @. That’s right. you are the @-sign. The f-sign is your kitten who will help you on your mission.

Our server automatically enables the number_pad option so you can move around the dungeon by using your numberpad. Typing the 9 on your numberpad for example will move you one square to the north-east. Move around in the room and see if you can find a tunnel (#-signs) or a door (+-sign).

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Teamspeak back up again

Greetings all,

We’ve decided to no longer wait for camelot to come up and dedicated a different pc to hosting the teamspeak server. You can contact the TS server by connecting to

Our teamspeak is free. This means you can ask for a channel and admin rights over it without any costs related to it. The only thing we ask for is a banner of on your site in return. Pretty slick deal, right?

If I haven’t scared you away just yet because of the banner, the way to ask for a channel to registered is pretty plain and simple:

Contact a Server Admin (SA) on the teamspeak server.
Contact any op / voice on irc.quakenet.org, channel #gamescom.

Have a nice chat!

The games.snt team

FortressForever 2.4 client released

Finally! 2.4 client released.

Get the files from our superfast FTP:
Patch (2.3 –> 2.4). (~180mb)
Full 2.4 installer. (~700mb)

Read the changelog while you’re downloading!
After you’re done, be sure to join our very own 2.4 server, running only the new maps:
#FF.SNT @ quakenet – #1 New maps only! – 2.4 EU (

Fortress-Forever 2.4 server files & changelog released

Arrrrr ye landlubbers!

Thar be bootie coming! Treasure has been found!

2.4 is here! The client installers will follow soon. In the meantime, check out the 2.4 changelog.

NOTE: These packages are for servers only. If you try to install them on your own computer and play, you will not be able to.

2.4 Server files can be found here: Clicky.

B3 version 1.2.0b released

BigbrotherBot has released version 1.2.0b. This release has several core enhancements and bugfixes.

The bot is currently supporting following games:

  • Call of Duty series vCoD, CoD:UO, CoD2, CoD4, CoD:WaW
  • io Urban Terror 4.1
  • Enemy Territory -> etpro mod only!
  • World of Padman
  • Smokin’ Guns

More info at the B3 forums

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